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About can provide for you these processing services, as follows:

1. Packing and Dividing Jewelry findings
Bracelet---- Make bracelet use elastic cord cost $0.05 each strand.
Earring---- Make earrings with pendant and earring hook cost $0.05 each pair.
Necklace ---- Thread ribbon cord on a Murano Lampwork Pendant to make a necklace cost $0.01. Make simple necklace with bead strand and clasp cost $0.2(we will make knot between each bead if you need)
Wholesale beads and Findings --- For the wholesale beads and findings which are counted by amount, we'll especially assign people to divide and pack them according to required amount. Please refer to the attachment of Jewelry Findings Processing Services Fee Table.
Others ---- See attachment below.
2. OEM processing services
We can offer OEM Processing services. We'll offer a wide range of consultancy services to you, ranging from stocking raw materials to processing in accordance with the sample and relevant pictures submitted by you.
If you have any question on processing services, please do not hesitate to .
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Jewelry Findings Processing Services Fee Table
Finished Beads Strand  without label Finished Beads Strand  with label
1  Strands US$ 0.0125 US$ 0.0175
Beads and Findings by Bag  without label Beads and Findings by Bag  with label
1-10 PC/Bag US$ 0.015/Bag US$ 0.02/Bag
11-20 PC/Bag US$ 0.02/Bag US$ 0.025/Bag
21-40 PC/Bag US$ 0.03/Bag US$ 0.035/Bag
41-80 PC/Bag US$ 0.0375/Bag US$ 0.0425/Bag
81-125 PC/Bag US$ 0.045/Bag US$ 0.05/Bag
126-200 PC/Bag US$ 0.0625/Bag US$ 0.0675/Bag
201-300 PC/Bag US$ 0.0875/Bag US$ 0.0925/Bag
301-400 PC/Bag US$ 0.125/Bag US$ 0.13/Bag
401-500 PC/Bag US$ 0.1625/Bag US$ 0.1675/Bag
501-600 PC/Bag US$ 0.2/Bag US$ 0.205/Bag
600  PC/Bag US$ 0.25/Bag US$ 0.255/Bag
Thread Beads Into Strand  without label Thread Beads Into Strand  with label
1-10 PC/Strands US$ 0.015/Strands US$ 0.02/Strands
11-20 PC/Strands US$ 0.02/Strands US$ 0.025/Strands
21-40 PC/Strands US$ 0.03/Strands US$ 0.035/Strands
41-80 PC/Strands US$ 0.038/Strands US$ 0.043/Strands
81-125 PC/Strands US$ 0.046/Strands US$ 0.051/Strands
126-200 PC/Strands US$ 0.063/Strands US$ 0.068/Strands
201-300 PC/Strands US$ 0.088/Strands US$ 0.093/Strands
301-400 PC/Strands US$ 0.125/Strands US$ 0.13/Strands
401-500 PC/Strands US$ 0.163/Strands US$ 0.168/Strands
501-600 PC/Strands US$ 0.201/Strands US$ 0.206/Strands
600  PC/Strands US$ 0.25/Strands US$ 0.255/Strands
Cut Chains (brass chain, iron chain etc)  without label Cut Chains (brass chain, iron chain etc)  with label
0-0.9 m/Strands US$ 0.0125/Strands US$ 0.0175/Strands
1-2.9 m/Strands US$ 0.025/Strands US$ 0.03/Strands
3-4.9 m/Strands US$ 0.05/Strands US$ 0.055/Strands
5-10.9 m/Strands US$ 0.075/Strands US$ 0.08/Strands
11-20.9 m/Strands US$ 0.125/Strands US$ 0.13/Strands
21-45.9 m/Strands US$ 0.2/Strands US$ 0.205/Strands
45  m/Strands US$ 0.375/Strands US$ 0.38/Strands
Cut cords/thread  without label Cut cords/thread  with label
1-5 m/Strands US$ 0.051/Strands US$ 0.056/Strands
6-10 m/Strands US$ 0.075/Strands US$ 0.08/Strands
11-25 m/Strands US$ 0.101/Strands US$ 0.106/Strands
26-35 m/Strands US$ 0.15/Strands US$ 0.155/Strands
36-45 m/Strands US$ 0.25/Strands US$ 0.255/Strands
45  m/Strands US$ 0.45/Strands US$ 0.455/Strands
Coil Chains onto spool (8mm is not available when length beyond 25M, 6mm is not available when length beyond 50M)  without label Coil Chains onto spool (8mm is not available when length beyond 25M, 6mm is not available when length beyond 50M)  with label
1-10 m/Spool US$ 0.5/Spool US$ 0.505/Spool
11-24 m/Spool US$ 0.75/Spool US$ 0.755/Spool
25-50 m/Spool US$ 1.25/Spool US$ 1.255/Spool
51-100 m/Spool US$ 1.5/Spool US$ 1.505/Spool
100  m/Spool US$ 2/Spool US$ 2.005/Spool
Pack Pins (headpins, eyepins)  without label Pack Pins (headpins, eyepins)  with label
1 PC US$ 0.0015 US$ 0.0065
earring findings  without label earring findings  with label
1-10 Pairs/Bag US$ 0.026/Bag US$ 0.031/Bag
11-20 Pairs/Bag US$ 0.038/Bag US$ 0.043/Bag
21-40 Pairs/Bag US$ 0.046/Bag US$ 0.051/Bag
41-60 Pairs/Bag US$ 0.055/Bag US$ 0.06/Bag
61-100 Pairs/Bag US$ 0.075/Bag US$ 0.08/Bag
100  Pairs/Bag US$ 0.15/Bag US$ 0.155/Bag
Coil Chains With Card  without label Coil Chains With Card  with label
1-2 m/ US$ 0.051/ US$ 0.056/
3-5 m/ US$ 0.15/ US$ 0.155/
6-10 m/ US$ 0.201/ US$ 0.206/
11-20 m/ US$ 0.3/ US$ 0.305/
20  m/ US$ 0.5/ US$ 0.505/
cord on spool  without label cord on spool  with label
1-10 PC/ US$ 0.5/ US$ 0.505/
11-25 PC/ US$ 0.75/ US$ 0.755/
26-50 PC/ US$ 1.5/ US$ 1.505/
51-100 PC/ US$ 2/ US$ 2.005/
100  PC/ US$ 2.5/ US$ 2.505/

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