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Bicone Crystal Beads, AB color plated, transparent & faceted, more colors for choice, 4mm, Hole:Approx 1mm, 100PCs/Bag, Sold By Bag

US$ 1.32/Bag

New & Hot

Tibetan Style Bead Cap, fashion jewelry & DIY, more colors for choice, 11x13mm, Sold By PC

US$ 0.05/PC

Resin Jewelry Beads, with Artificial Opal, fashion jewelry & DIY, more colors for choice, 11.5X3.5MM, Sold By PC

US$ 0.17/PC

Cloisonne Beads, Tibetan Style, with enamel, fashion jewelry & DIY, more colors for choice, 16x10mm, Sold By PC

US$ 0.33/PC

Hair Clip Findings, Iron, plated, fashion jewelry & for woman, more colors for choice, 100/Bag, Sold By Bag

US$ 11.14~20.63/Bag

Natural Backflow Fragrant Incense Cones , Sandalwood, plated, for home and office & durable & Different Fragrances For Choice, more colors for choice, 28x15mm, Sold By PC

US$ 3.18/PC

Stainless Steel Beads, Cross, plated, more colors for choice, 9.85x14.38x4.23mm, Sold By PC

US$ 1.04~1.24/PC

Glass Tibetan Style Pendant, with Tibetan Style, Heart, plated, faceted, more colors for choice, 12*13mm, Sold By PC

US$ 0.18~0.27/PC

Tibetan Style Hand Pendants, fashion jewelry & DIY, more colors for choice, 12x18x5mm, Sold By PC

US$ 0.08/PC

Stainless Steel Finger Ring, plated

US$ 0.6~0.71/PC

925 Silver Pendant
925 Silver Stud Earrings
925 Silver European Beads
925 Silver Hook Earwire
Thailand Silver Beads
Thailand Silver Ring
925 Silver Necklace Chain
925 Silver Jewelry Sets
925 Silver Beads
Thailand Silver Pendants
925 Silver Rings
Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Freshwater Pearl Ring
925 Silver Pearl Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Pendants
Cultured Button Freshwater Pearl Beads
Cultured Potato Freshwater Pearl Beads
Cultured Round Freshwater Pearl Beads
Cultured Biwa Freshwater Pearl Beads
Cultured Rice Freshwater Pearl Beads
Clearance Freshwater Pearl Beads
Cultured Baroque Freshwater Pearl Beads
Zinc Alloy Pendants
Zinc Alloy Bangle
Zinc Alloy Bracelet
Zinc Alloy Connector
Zinc Alloy Tips
Zinc Alloy Tag Charm
Zinc Alloy Brooches
Zinc Alloy Stud Earring
Zinc Alloy Bead Cap
Zinc Alloy End Cap
Zinc Alloy Bookmark
Steel Ear Nut
Steel Hook Earwire
Steel Stud Earrings
Steel Tag Charm
Steel Connector
Tiger Tail Wire
Steel Chain Necklace
Steel Cross Pendants
Steel Oval Chain
Steel Key Clasp
Steel Huggie Hoop Earring
Evil Eye Jewelry Set
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Sets
Rhinestone Jewelry Sets
Resin Jewelry Sets
Brass Jewelry Set
Natural Gemstone Jewelry Sets
Jewelry Sets
Acrylic Jewelry Set
Shell Jewelry Sets
Turquoise Jewelry Sets
Natural Coral Jewelry Set
Druzy Ring
Agate Ring
Mid Ring
Zinc Alloy Nail Ring
Mood Ring
Unisex Ring
Watch Ring
Steel Ring for Men
Natural Quartz Ring
Christmas Ring
South Sea Shell Ring
Linen Necklace Display
Velvet Necklace Display
Leather Bracelet Display
Plastic Bracelet Display
Velvet Pendant Display
Linen Bracelet Display
Organic Glass Earring Display
Velvet Ring Display
Cosmetics Display
Linen Bracelet Display
Place Card Holders

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